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Extra homework help in 2016 for students in Years 10 to 12 – no travel, no appointments.

Next time your child gets stuck during homework or study, don’t let it turn into an argument. You have free access to a huge network of expert teachers and tutors, online, on-demand, with the school’s YourTutor service.

Connect to a live expert 3pm-10pm for real-time help with maths, English, the sciences and more. Or your child can upload a draft assignment any time and get personal expert feedback, to help them make it their own best work.

We are providing access 7 days a week to YourTutor in 2016 to help with after-hours study, for confidence, support for parents, and learning improvement with the support of Curtin University.

Year 10 – 12 students have received activation codes.  If your child has not received a code, they should see Student Services

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