Student Services Team

Manager of Student Services

The Manager oversees the running of the Student Services team, with a focus on implementing and managing regular Good Standing Reviews, attendance, student behaviour, organising meetings with parents, support agencies and restorative meetings. They also support and oversee the long term pastoral care for students and develop strategic planning for each School Business Plan.

Head of Middle School

The Head of Middle School organizes activities and assists students in Years 7, 8 and 9. They work with the Transition Coordinator to coordinate the pastoral care programs for these students and work with their families to problems that occur in their daily school life.

Head of Senior School

Together with the Year 10 Coordinator, the Head of Senior School manages pastoral care and activities for students in Years 10, 11 and 12. They can be contacted for concerns regarding academic performance in Years 11 and 12 and these people are a vital link between students, teachers and parents.

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 10 is a transition year for students as they prepare to enter Senior Secondary studies. Students begin and complete their Senior School course selections in Year 10. The coordinator works on career counselling, transitioning to Senior School and in a pastoral capacity to these students.

School Chaplain

The School Chaplain works across the school with teachers and students to support wellbeing. Individual appointment bookings can be made by students at Student Services. Parents are also welcome to contact the School Chaplain to discuss any concerns.

School Psychologist

The school employs a school psychologist to provide and develop programs across all year groups to enhance emotional wellbeing, study skills and individual counselling. Individual appointment bookings can be made by students at Student Services.

School Nurse

The school nurse provides support to students in the form of counselling regarding physical and emotional wellbeing, critical care in the event of serious injury and small group programs to meet the needs of a range of student health issues. Individual appointment bookings can be made at Student Services.

School Attendance Officer

The school attendance officer records attendance, sending an SMS to the families of students who do not attend school and have not contacted the school to explain their absence. She also manages the lockers, student mobile phone storage, skateboard storage and telephone calls regarding attendance concerns.

Duty Officer

When students are sent to the Student Services Centre they report to the Duty Office for the day. The Duty Officer’s role is shared amongst the Associate Principals, Head of Senior School, Head of Middle School and the Manager of Student Services.