Bell Times

School begins with a warning bell at 8.45am, when students are asked to move off to their mentor group. The day consists of 5 periods; 2 before recess and another 2 before lunch. The day finishes at 2:55pm.

Mentor Groups

The Mentor Group system addresses many vital aspects of pastoral care. Mentor period each day is a chance to touch base with a Mentor Teacher who monitors student day to day attendance and general well being. They also act as an advocate for your child and are a first port of call if you have any general concerns.

The Mentor Group is a smaller group of students (approx 18) which, as far as possible, consists of the same students with the same mentor teacher for Years 9-12. Each student has a sense of belonging and develops loyalty to the group, and the Mentor Teacher has a greater awareness of the individuality of each member.

The Year 7 and 8 programs are designed so that the Mentor Teacher also teaches the student. The students may be grouped according to a specialist program to which they belong or a class group (either English, Mathematics, Science or Society and Environment).


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