Our Staff

Senior Management


Principal: Helen Deacon
Associate Principal: 
Melissa Shepherd
Deputy Principal – Senior School:
Tim Bennett
Deputy Principal – Middle School:
Mark Pettit
Deputy Principal – Staff Development:
Jessica Millar
Manager Corporate Services:
Jeni Jorritsma


Head of English: Karen Stuart
Head of Mathematics: Alanna Webb
Head of Science: Rachel Richards
Head of Society and Environment: Richard Guthrie
Head of The Arts: Dusty Ward
Head of Technology and Enterprise: Anita Phillips
Head of Health and Physical Education: Dale Watson

Student Services

Program Coordinator Student Support: Sharon Andrews
Year 11 Coordinator: Sharon Andrews
Year 10 Coordinator: Amber Bullock
Year 9 Coordinator: Alana Stanbrook
Year 8 Coordinator: Kelly Walker
Year 7 Coordinator: Mark Pettit



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