Vision and Values

In 2005, Kalamunda Senior High School began a journey of revitalisation aimed at improving all aspects of the school’s operation with a focus on student achievement. The IDEAS (Innovation Design for Enhancing Achievement in the School) framework was used to develop Kalamunda’s Vision, Values and School-Wide Pedagogy. These were developed by the whole school community.

The school vision is “sharing our forest of possibilities”. A forest is a special place where trees grow and their roots (our history and traditions) provide a strong foundation. Trees provide shelter for all and are strong enough to withstand the buffeting of storms. Each year new growth adds to the strength of the forest, just as our school welcomes new students and encourages them to flourish as individuals.

sharing-logo-blue-greenOur Vision:

“Sharing our Forest of Possibilities”

Our Values:

“Learning – Respect – Resilience – Pride – Community”

A love of learning
Respect for self, for others, our school, our world
Picking yourself up, turning over a new leaf, never giving up
Celebrating and sharing our successes
Reaching out to the local and global community