School Board

The School Board is comprised of parents, community representatives and school staff. As Board meetings are open forums, parents and members of the public are encouraged to attend if they are interested in understanding some key issues that are relevant to education and our school.

One of the roles of the School Board is to lead school community conversations about key issues and challenges in education. If you would like the opportunity to discuss important educational issues at a Board meeting, please contact the school or a board member. Please note that operational matters are dealt with by the school administration.

Board members for 2022 are:

Helen Deacon

Parent Representatives
Peter Rudolph (Chairperson)
Joanne Betti
Emma Harris
Shireen Pivac
Tammy Winterbourn

Staff Representatives
Tim Bennett
Jessica Millar

Community Representatives
Matthew Hughes MLA
Peter Stewart (Member of the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Student Representatives
Rohan Harwood (Head Boy)
Lilly Hogg (Head Girl)