Gifted and Talented Program (Visual Arts)

Kalamunda SHS has a long tradition as a school of the Arts and is at home in the Hills community, known for its creative and vibrant arts culture.

The Gifted and Talented Programs (Visual Arts) is a selective program open to students with a natural creative artistic ability. Participation in this program allows these abilities to develop through a mix of visual enquiry, studio work, exhibition and critical reflection. Students interact with new mediums and technologies and have the opportunity to exhibit their own work.

Students in this program take part in workshops designed to enrich and extend their art ideas, skills and processes. The workshops are held on Saturday mornings and are conducted by art tutors who are experts and specialists in their field. The tutors act as mentors to the students and provide the students with a strong network of support in the art world.

For information on the Gifted and Talented Programs, and to apply or register your interest:

Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Programs website

All applications must be made online.

Watch the Gifted and Talented Programs video on youtube