Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area

Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS) consist of a number of subjects, including History, Geography Economics and Business and Civics & Citizenship. HaSS has a diverse and challenging set of knowledge and skills which aim to develop students into active citizens while at school and encourage them to continue this action into their adult life.

History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that develops students’ curiosity and imagination. Awareness of history is an essential characteristic of any society, and historical knowledge is fundamental to understanding ourselves and others. It promotes the understanding of societies, events, movements and developments that have shaped humanity from earliest times. It helps students appreciate how the world and its people have changed, as well as the significant continuities that exist to the present day.

Geography is a structured way of exploring, analysing and understanding the characteristics of the places that make up our world, using the concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change. It addresses scales from the personal to the global and time periods from a few years to thousands of years.

Economics and Business explores the ways individuals, families, the community, businesses and governments make decisions in relation to the allocation of resources. It aims to enable students to understand the process of economic and business decision-making and its effects on themselves and others, now and in the future.

Civics and Citizenship is essential in enabling students to become active and informed citizens who participate in and sustain Australia’s democracy. Through the study of Civics and Citizenship, students investigate political and legal systems, and explore the nature of citizenship, diversity and identity in contemporary society.

Further information can be found on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website.