Technology and Enterprise Learning Area

The Technology and Enterprise Learning Area is guided by the ideology of incorporating technology into the classrooms whether it be welding in a Design and Technology class, using a sewing machine in a Home Economics class or using a computer in an Information Technology class. We aim to offer all students courses that equip them with real-life skills and knowledge that can be applied to their everyday life as soon as they leave the classroom, as well as preparing them for their future life beyond high school.

Students are able to study pathways right through to Senior School covering Vocational, General and ATAR courses.

We encourage students to start studying our courses in Middle School to prepare them for the rigours of the Senior School courses. As most of our courses are skills based, starting earlier means they are more likely to experience success in the senior years.

If your child is interested in pursuing a career that involves Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics, Jewellery Design, Food Science, Child Care, Hospitality, Tourism or Information Technology, courses in the Technology and Enterprise Learning Area may well be the perfect choice.

The Technology and Enterprise Learning Area take pride in their ability to offer a variety of courses to the students that will help them choose the best educational pathway.