Student Wellbeing

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The school has a team of dedicated specialist staff who support students with their academic, social and emotional wellbeing issues. Students are encouraged and supported to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others through a range of services and programs.

Mentor groups are used as the main vehicle for monitoring and supporting student wellbeing. The Mentor teacher sees the student each day, follows their attendance and academic progress and generally remains with the same group from Year 9 to Year 12.

The Year 8 Learning Team structure is used to ensure that as Year 8s enter the high school environment they are supported and transitioned with care and nurture.

From 2015, the school will also take Year 7s and a similar supportive structure will be in place to care for their particular needs.

To assist students in their transition to high school, we run a structured transition program, where students have the opportunity to experience high school life and learning with their class and primary teacher. Closer to the time when students will move to high school they are involved in an Orientation program, to meet teachers and other students and to prepare to begin the new year smoothly and successfully.

A range of pastoral care programs are facilitated through the Student Services team and they include:

  • The Rite Journey
  • Stride/Who’s the Man?
  • Bibbulmun Challenge
  • Triple Challenge
  • Rainbows/Spectrum
  • School Volunteer Program
  • Drumbeat
  • Bully Busters
  • Armed for Life
  • Act/Belong/Commit – Mentally Healthy School

Leadership opportunities are offered as School Captain, representatives on the Student Council and House Leaders. These students represent the interests of students and support the whole school.

All students are encouraged to do their very best. Attendance, behaviour and academic progress are monitored closely and the school has a Good Standing Policy which clearly states the expectations in these three areas.

Click here to view the:

  • Middle School Good Standing Policy
  • Senior School Good Standing Policy
  • Mobile phone and Other Electronic Devices Policy