School Nurse

Our Community Health Nurse is employed by the Child and Adolescent Health Services. She is an experienced Registered Nurse with the Nurses Board of Western Australia and plays an important role in supporting teachers, students and the school community in promoting adolescent Health. The activities undertaken place an emphasis on students learning to make appropriate decisions about their own health needs in order to develop healthy lifestyles.

Some of the services involve:

  • Early detection and screening programs
  • Monitoring health status of children/adolescents with chronic illnesses and other health risks eg. asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, severe allergy.
  • Specialist health expertise, including assistance with the development and delivery of Health Care plans for students with complex needs
  • Health promotion initiatives. Health promotion and education for students and the school community
  • Liaising with parents, schools and outside agencies and other health professionals as required.

Programs reflect school priorities and values and may include local, state and national Initiatives such as:

  • Sexuality
  • Healthy living
  • Sun protection
  • Mental health
  • Drug related issues

The nurse is rostered in the Health Centre and is available for students without appointments at recess and lunch or before and after school. Appointments during class can be made through Student Services.