Student Services

The school has a team of dedicated specialist staff who support students in both their academic, social and emotional wellbeing issues. They work within the organizational structures of the school in ensuring that all students can seek assistance and guidance when necessary. We encourage all of our students to have a clear understanding of how they can access services within our school community.

To encourage students to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others, we provide a number of programs and support structures for students in a number of ways:

  • The school is divided into small groups of students called MENTOR GROUPS and they meet each day with their Mentor Teacher for Registration Period and for 25 minutes each Tuesday.
  • Pastoral Care Programs run across each year group and are coordinated by the Student Services Team.
  • We offer opportunities for students to develop leadership skills by electing Student Council representatives in each year group. Led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, the Student Council represents the interests of students and assists in whole school functions, such as the Assembly program, throughout the year.
  • Starting in Year 6 and continuing through Year 7, a TRANSITION PROGRAM helps ensure a smooth integration from primary school into high school life for our new student intake.
  • Year Assemblies, School Assemblies, incursions, excursions and guest speakers are part of the Pastoral Care Program.


The team consists of the Associate Principals, Head of Middle School, Head of Senior School, Manager of Student Services, Year Coordinators, School Psychologist, Nurse, and Chaplain.

Manager of Student Services

Manager of Student Services oversees the running of the Student Services Team, with a focus on implementing and managing the regular Good Standing Reviews, attendance, student behaviour, organizing meetings with parents, support agencies and restorative meetings as well as supporting staff regarding their concerns for students.

Head of Middle School

The Head of Middle School organizes activities and assists students in Year 7, 8 and 9. They coordinate the Pastoral Care Program for Year 7, 8 and 9 and work with students and their families to resolve problems that occur in their daily school life. Head of Middle School works closely with the Year 7, 8 and 9 Coordinator to provide a vital link between students, teachers and parents.

 Head of Senior School

Senior School is represented by a Head of Senior School, and a Year 10 and Year 11 Coordinator. Together they manage Pastoral Care and activities. The Head of Senior School can be contacted for concerns regarding academic performance in Years 11 and 12. These people provide a vital link between students, teachers and parents.

 Career Coordinator

The Career Coordinator provides continuity for career guidance and course selection, and works closely with the Associate Principals and VET Coordinator.

 Year 7 Coordinator

The Year 7 Coordinator liaises with parents and primary schools to assist students to transition into the secondary setting. They coordinate activities and programs for the Year 7 Team.

Year 8 and 9 Coordinator

The Year 8 and 9 Coordinator will work with students, staff and families to assist the students in their year groups. They will work closely with the Head of Middle School to develop and implement appropriate support programs for the students.

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 10 is a transitional year. Students need to select Senior School courses at the end of Semester 1 for the following year. The Year 10 Coordinator works on career counselling, transition to Senior School and in a pastoral capacity for students in Year 10.

Year 11 Coordinator

The Year 11 Coordinator will provide both pastoral care and early academic tracking of our Year 11 students. The Year 11 Coordinator will work with the Head of Senior School to develop and implement appropriate transition and learning programs. The Year 11 Coordinator will monitor academic progress of Year 11 students, especially in Term 1, and will develop programs for improvement and ongoing monitoring.

 School Chaplain

The School Chaplain works across the school with teachers and students to support well-being. Individual appointments can be made by students by going to Student Services and requesting appointment times.

School Psychologist

The school employs the services of a School Psychologist who works across year groups in developing programs to enhance emotional wellbeing, study skills and individual counselling. Individual appointments can be made by students by going to Student Services and requesting appointment times.

School Nurse

The School Nurse provides support to students in the form of counselling regarding physical and emotional wellbeing, critical care in the event of serious injury and small group programs to meet the needs of a range of student issues. Individual appointments can be made by students by going to Student Services and requesting appointment times.

School Attendance Officer

The School Attendance officer records daily attendance, sending an SMS to the families of students who do not attend school and have not contacted the school to explain their absence. She also manages the lockers, student mobile phone storage, skateboard storage and telephone calls regarding attendance concerns.


When students are sent to the Student Services Centre, they report to the Duty Officer for the day. The Duty Officer’s role is shared amongst the Associate Principals, Head of Senior School, Head of Middle School, and the Manager of Student Services.

Students may be sent to the Duty Officer:

  • For uniform violations
  • For follow up after a Head of Learning intervention for serious misbehavior
  • To report bullying incidents
  • For non- attendance at lunchtime detentions
  • To report a serious incident.


The Mentor Group system addresses many vital aspects of pastoral care.

The Mentor Group is a smaller group of students (approx. 18) which, as far as possible, consists of the same students with the same Mentor teacher for Years 8-12 of High School. Each student has a sense of belonging and the Mentor Teacher has a greater awareness of the individuality of each member.

The Year 7 program is designed so that the Mentor Group teacher also teaches the student. The students may be grouped according to a specialist program that they belong to or a class group.


Each student also belongs to a House to foster an interest in all school activities and to help develop school spirit and friendly competition. Families are usually allocated to the same House.

	Pegasus			Yellow		Gym
	Phoenix			Red		Art Quad
	Orion			Blue		Blue Quad
	Draco			Green		Canteen Quad